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Zachary Lucky & Sean Craib-Petkau to Play Rock Island Tonight!

Aug 25, 2010 @ 12:17 Zachary says “I’m a prairie folk artist based out of Saskatoon, SK. This fall I will be touring coast to coast along with another folk artist from around these parts. We’re going to be doing close to 50 shows in the two month span, and we would really love to bring our stories and songs ...

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Grandma Doors are Catching ON!

Jun 2, 2008 Sir James Dunn School kicked off the Grandma Door project during the first week of May! Many parents and even some grandparents came in to help create a grandma door. In fact, the interest has spread and some parents are now creating their own doors! Christy Reid and her mother Jill Ramsbottom came to school with Jill’s ...

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Bob Paterson – Watercolours

Nov 4, 2006 @ 14:56 Once again winter is here… And one of Wawa’s most enjoyed traditions is back. Bob Paterson is showing watercolours at the Legion Hall. Last night saw many of these beautiful watercolours marked with a “S” signifying that they had been snapped up by an admirer. Although don’t despair, roughly half are still available for purchase ...

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