From the Branch – August 23

Yes, August is coming to a end and soon it will be September and everyone will be back and on the job.

…And August 20th, has once again brought back memories from 75 years ago were our Canadian veterans took part in the Raid on Dieppe with a loss of 900 lives and more wounded and taken POW.

And we will once again remember ALL those who served and paid the ultimate price when we start our Poppy Campaign in October.

And thinking of this, our Poppy Chair will need some people to help with the preparations for the distribution of poppies this year and with the falling membership we urge all those who can to put their best foot forward.

Our President Comrade Mary Anne Pearson disclosed that the Fiesta in July brought in $2500.00 for the Lift for the Legion Fund. And she wants to thank ALL the volunteers who helped with that fundraiser and those who participated. A BIG thank you.

Last Saturdays Cribbage winners were 1st – Keith, 2nd – Shirley, 3rd – Alma; Boob – John, and 24 Hand – Irene. We thank Joan Page for all the efforts to keep this going through the summer even with only a few players, but coming September, they all will be back.

Johnnie walked through town and when passing the principals house he scraped his throat and spit on the window.

The principal came outside and said “ Johnnie what would your mother say if you did that at your house?”

So Johnnie said… “ she would be proud because we live on the 3rd floor!”

To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hos[ital. Or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.

Nick Veldt



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