From the Branch – June 3

Now May is gone and it is summertime and even though we have Covid 19 around, let us be happy and enjoy the weather but obey all the rules.

Usually at this time we have our last meeting at the Branch before summer recess, but let us hope we will be back in September with the doors open.

It was nice in the past months to remember 75 years ago and all the special events which our veterans went through, but let us never forget what they did for us today living free, But that was gained through blood and dead. We have some heroes even today as our present members of the Canadian Forces take on this virus which is killing in Long Term Care homes, our elderly citizens who are very vulnerable. All those who are in the front line of this medical battle we appreciate your efforts and a big thank you.
Yes bad things can bring the best out of us!

When I was doing my stint in the Royal Dutch Air force in the 1950’s I was a steward in the officers mess at the Deelen Airport North of Arnhem and served meals and Coffee to the Co and his staff. One time when it was hot, I even served breakfast al fresco on the lawn. But at 1 guilder a day pay I was glad to be back on civy street again.

A Officer was inspecting a Army camp and was checking the quality of the drinking water.
So he asked the sergeant how he took care of the water.
So the Sergeant replied.. “First I filter it, then Filter it again and put it in a cooler.
But just to make sure we only drink BEER.

To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.

Nick Veldt
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