From the Branch – May 18

We had a membership meeting last Thursday and Comrade Larry Harvey conducted elections for officers. This year:

  • President is Mary Anne Pearson.
  • First Vice Comrade Eric Mitrikas,
  • 2nd Vice Comrade Barb Leschishin, and the
  • The executive Committee is Noreen Fellinger and Jeannette Pike.

They are counting on all members for support.

All officers were installed in form by Comrade Larry Harvey. We currently have 43 members and are looking for more Wawaneshians to join us and help the community. So Come on DOWN.


The Golf Tournament will be held on June 11th with the usual steak dinner, teams of 2 at $50.00 per person.


Comrade Barb Leschishin notes the following winners of the Poster Contest.

  • Madison Young – St. Augustine French Immersion
    Hana Nelson and Alexander Burnham – Ecole Secondaire Saint Joseph


To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes, You are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish You well.


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