From the Branch – April 5

Just imagine 100 years ago, a few thousand Canadians died at Vimy Ridge to put a end to WW1. Then their sons and daughters had to die in the thousands to do it all over again in WW2. Now many  of our sons and daughters are now serving to keep the peace in a world that may not want peace.
But as Canadians we are there, where we are needed.  That is the main reason the members of the Royal Canadian Legion are there to make sure that every Veteran young or old gets the help needed to  have a life after serving in any place on earth and even just at home during disasters or  any event threatening our Country.
So if you are  a citizen of this Country and have some time Come and Join our Branch and help those who need it .
We  thank everyone who supports us and are looking forward to celebrate 150 years of Canada this summer with some fundraiser events and All our regular volunteers are ready to make these a success.
Our next membership meeting will be on April 13 at 7:00 pm and nominations will be considered for the next slate of officers and executive committee and elections will be held at our May membership meeting.
Our Ladies Auxiliary deserve a  BIG thank you for their support by having lunches and dinners
This old veteran walked down the stairs and is in uniform and all camouflaged.
So his wife asked “What is going on?” So he says ‘I got a letter from my Comrades and they need me to settle a score at the GULF”
So the wife says “let me see that letter!” And she starts laughing and tells him   …..” They want you to come and play a round of GOLF and they need you for a foursome!”
To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well
Nick Veldt
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