Rotary Donates Children’s Computers to the Wawa Public Library

Mark Owen, Chair Project Committee; Liz Talian-Clarke, President Rotary Club of Wawa; Colleen Abbott, CEO Wawa Public Library; Doug Woods, Chair Wawa Public Library Board; Linda Guindon, Project Committee Member; and Sue Jarrell, Assistant Wawa Public Library.

Fulfilling yet again the Rotary mandate of ‘Service Above Self’ the Rotary Club of Wawa is pleased to announce the launch of a new children’s computer and a tablet at the Wawa Public Library.

When the obsolete computer finally quit a few months ago the Library’s budget could not allow for its replacement.  The Club was able to raise half the money for the latest model plus a tablet.  The Grants Committee of Rotary District 6290 then generously approved the funds for the other half.

Both the computer and tablet come with ‘After School Edge’, a package of more than 80 programs geared to children aged 6 to 12. The units are completely self contained and not internet connected. Subjects include reading, math, history and logic. Advanced topics include science, engineering, animation, cyber safety and coding.

The ultimate aim of the Library is to promote literacy and thinking skills in children aged 6 to 12 by attracting them with interesting programs which supplement and expand their school studies, and to encourage them to visit the library and access its other resources for life long learning.

The old system was very popular with the young students so this new set up should be a big hit!

The Rotary Club of Wawa is a member of Rotary District 6290 which has a matching grant program for qualifying local or international projects.

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