SJD – Wash your hands!


Do you ever wonder if you are getting all of those germs off your hands when you are washing them? Well the students in the Kindergarten class at Sir James Dunn found out first hand where those sneaky germs like to hide!

We had a visit from Mrs. Gauthier and Mrs. Burgoyne who are nurses at the Algoma Public Health Unit. They brought a special piece of equipment with them called a Glo Germ that highlights the germs left on our hands AFTER we have already washed them!

It was interesting to see that depending on where we scrubbed there were still germs left.

We brought our stuffed animals and babies to school that day and the nurses weighed them and gave them a check up complete with bandaids if they needed them.

We learned that in order for us to stay healthy we needed nutritious food, water, sleep and exercise.

Thank you Mrs. Gauthier and Mrs. Burgoyne for taking the time to visit with us.

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