Grade 7/8 Girls at SJD make a SPASH at STEM Challenge!


A group of Grade 7-8 girls from SJD were down in Sault Ste. Marie on Tuesday, November 5th to represent Sir James Dunn at the Ontario Skills STEM Cardboard Boat Challenge. The teams had to submit a blueprint for their boat design and then they were giving cardboard and duct tape and two hours to construct their boat.

The girls from SJD were very organized and displayed fantastic teamwork throughout the two hours. There was no coaching allowed during the 2 hour period so the girls had to problem solve and manage their time which they did very well.

After the construction period ended all the teams took a break for lunch and prepared themselves to take to the pool to test their boats. Unfortunately, the girls were disqualified after their boat capsized. They did learn that boat entry is something they need to think about for next year. Congratulations Nola, Emma, Sheiganne and Lyllie for stepping up for the challenge and building an awesome boat.

Next year we will go for the record!

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