Sir James Dunn Newsflash – Who wants PIZZA!


The Kindergarten students at Sir James Dunn had a very special afternoon last week.

Ms. McCoy and Ms. Collins visited our classroom to help us learn about being a chef. We saw all kinds of tools used in a kitchen and got to guess what they were for. We got a few of them right, but items like a garlic press, meat tenderizer, and digital meat thermometer had us stumped.

They brought everything we needed to make our own pizza exactly how we like it. We put on our gloves and hairnets and got to work! It was a lot of fun making our own snack. We even decorated cupcakes using a piping bag and 3 different colours of yummy icing.

We were very surprised to take home a certificate, recipe booklet and our very own oven mitt and dishcloth to help our families in the kitchen at home.

Thank you very much for such a great learning experience and a huge thank you to the management at the Wawa Motor Inn for supplying the food and extras.

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