SJD – SE OPP Visit Kindergarten Class

Dec 14, 2017 @ 10:29


The Kindergarten students at Sir James Dunn have been very interested in police officers lately so their teacher Mrs. Bernath invited the OPP to visit their classroom.  The focus of the visit was to let the little ones know that while officers do arrest people and put them in jail, that is not the only part of their job.  When the two officers arrived they addressed themselves as Levi and Meagan and they showed the students a little video that focused on all the different types of situations they may encounter.


The students loved seeing that police officers can use dogs, helicopters, boats, snowmobiles, and four wheelers to help them out.  The highlights of the visit were when Meagan showed them the various tools she carries on her belt and of course sitting in and turning on the lights of the police cruiser.  The day before the visit the students wrote up a list of questions that they would like answered.  Meagan and Levi were put on the spot when they were asked about the ghost cars and why they use them.


Mrs. Bernath and her Kindergarten class would like to thank Levi and Meagan for spending time with us, teaching us about how you keep people safe in our community and leaving us with some pencils, sticker badges, cool pictures of your cruiser and coupons for a free hot chocolate.  SJD is the place to be!

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