WFD Called to Roxy Bowling Centre

photos by Luc Berthiaume

At 12:30 this morning the Wawa Fire Department was called to the Roxy Bowling Centre. Upon arrival smoke was visible from the second floor and the north wall (adjacent to Ontario Street). The fire seemed to be concentrated in the corner of the building where the kitchen is located. About an hour into the fire, Algoma Power severed the electrical connections to the building. At 3:00 a.m. firefighters were still on scene. It is expected that damage will be extensive.

The building was built by Noralgo (Nestor Erechook) in late 1952, and opened as a theatre “Roxy Theatre” in February of 1953. It hosted Cyclone Sally, a Passion Play amongst its first and then transitioned into a bowling alley in the mid 1980’s.