Day 4 Curling ice removal – taking the ice off and starting to clean

Here’s the hogline with ice chunks still frozen to it.

After completing half of the ice surface, now we finished off removing the ice with more of the same work I showed you yesterday. After pounding out the houses and hog line we continued work with the tractor. You could tell the ice melted more on this side, as we had more white come out of the ice.

The bucked and equipment need washed thoroughly to get all the white off.

We will clean the scrubber every day before using it in the rest of the building so we don’t track the white everywhere

We have to be pretty careful when the paint starts to run as it gets everywhere and on everything. We use steel-toe rubber boots so we don’t track the paint all over the building, and wash all of the equipment when we are done.

Scrubbing the pad. We will do hundreds of laps over the next few days to get the surface ready to use.

Once we have enough ice out, we bring our floor scrubber down and fill it with hot water to start cleaning the pad. We usually end up doing several rounds of scrubbing before we get all the white off. As the building is still running right now, we are using the machine during the day, then we bring it back and clean it so it’s all ready to clean the rest of the facility at night. We need to do this so we don’t get the white paint all over the rest of the MMCC.

We will scrub the pad over the next few days as well as wash and put away all of the logos and lines. Some of the ice also needs to melt off of the lines before they can be washed, and next I’ll show you some of the cleanup work that goes in to finishing off the job.