Day 5 Curling ice removal – Cleanup

Getting pretty clean, but we still have some white around the edges

After a bunch more laps of the scrubber, we’re getting close to finishing the removal for the season. We take all of the houses and give them a good wash with warm water before hanging them up to dry. Normally we lay them out on the surface to get all of the wrinkles out, but we will wait until taking the arena ice to do that. Until then, we roll them up and store them along with the hog lines.

Lots of white along the boards!

But a good clean will fix that!

We spend some more time getting the paint off of the boards as well. Since installing the puckboard at the start of the season, cleanup is much easier and a good mopping takes care of it.
Over the next few days we will run heat and the dehumidifier to get the rest of the place dry, and set up what is needed for the vaccine clinics.