Odds and ends where do I begin?

Odds and ends where do I begin? Although my activity as a “garbologist ” is limited; deep down in my heart, that commitment to a better, cleaner environment will never die. I still carry a bag on my outings and pick up trash as I go. Upsetting is it to me how many masks are being tossed away, just like Timmy cups, plastic bags or cigarette butts – all unnecessary pollutions. A disregard to the place we live in.

For the 3rd time this year, we have picked up after outside drinking parties. Rumour has it the participants are kids! Where are the parents? And how many kids drink over 50 cans of alcohol? With sadness I read that the dock on Wawa Lake will be dismantled and the public bathrooms locked up. How sad!

Why do we accept the destruction of rowdies and deprive the rest of us? If some people have no respect and discipline for others why not catch these individuals and fine them. It is time to put up cameras. They are cheaper than replacing broken docks or toilets.

My yearly “poking around trip” on the Firesand Road did not happen, because of the gate. No more access to that area… again, because of some people who take the right and dump anything and everything from fridges to furniture and garbage. A camera would make a difference! So we lock up and give in to destructive lowlife. We lost a great hiking trail at Surluga Road, Mr. Vallee Park, now Firesand Road, William Teddy Park… What is next?

Last but not least, after all the negativity, I’d like to say “Thank You” to Bodylines By Crack who refinished the two custom designed steel plates that were attached to the garbage bins on Pinewood Drive free of charge. The one at Davidson Fuels looks great, the other bin was destroyed (again, no camera) but the sign was rescued, redone, and is looking for a new place. I am glad to see a much needed trash container installed on Pinewood Drive between the burned motel and the Dodge dealership.

‘Til some other time, Karin Grundt

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