Continued Vandalism at Lion’s Beach Forces Dock Removal


On August 6th, the Municipality had to close the bathrooms at Lion’s Beach due to vandalism. At that time, Alex Patterson, Directer of Community Services and Tourism explained that several items within the facility had been broken, causing unsanitary / unsafe conditions forcing the closure.

Today, due to constant vandalism over the past month, the Lions Beach dock was removed.

In a media release, Alex Patterson explained, “Staff made this difficult decision based on the issues encountered over the past month. We have replaced several pins and re-bolted sections of dock throughout August. Each incidence of missing hardware created an unsafe condition that opens the Municipality to further liability should any user be injured. Additionally, vandalism to the washroom facility has become a near-daily occurrence, and staff are unable to keep pace with the amount of issues at the park. Therefore, docks will be removed for the season.”

Staff are looking into a hardware upgrade to ensure that the dock can be safely installed, and that the hardware cannot be removed.