Letter – Who will take on the task?

Every year about this time I feel like a racehorse, pulling on the reins, ready to gallop over the
meadow…. ln my case, pick up my gloves, bags and get dirty to clean up the environment.

Unfortunately, old age put a limit to it, I can’t do it in grand style anymore, but a little around my
immediate area and if everybody would do the same our little town would look much better. Even at my
slow speed when I walk my senior dog, I have a bag with me and pick up as we go. The result each time
is mind-boggling. How can we be so sloppy?

With a heavy heart and almost tears in my eyes I had to pay my outrageously high oil heating bill and
was shocked about the garbage at Pinewood Drive, both sides. lt was always the first place we started
our yearly cleanup.

Who will be brave enough to take on the task and haul loads and loads out of
ditches and roadways?

My plea as it always was: please be respectful and stop littering.

Karen Grundt
Garbologist at Heart

Karin Grundt
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  1. Karin – I’m with you one hundred percent
    For the life of me I could never understand how anyone could be so low as to throw garbage out
    It’s very simple – take it home with you
    The world would be a better & cleaner place if everyone had a heart like you
    Judy 💜