CAUTION – May Require Reading…

Isn’t it amazing how many people in this time and age can not read? As an example: A big sign at the grocery store that says, “PLEASE RETURN CARTS INTO THE STORE.” Only 50% of customers follow the plea, or else is it to explain why they are left outside at the parking spots and in front of the main door?

Another example at the “tin drop off”. Big signs over the large containers that say, “ALUMINIUM ONLY”, others say”TAKE PAPER LABELS OFF!” or, “NO FOIL PLEASE!’. And to make things easier, the pop can containers are on the left of the building and the bins for tin cans are on the right. How easy is that? But does anybody pay attention? Not a chance!

Since I am on my “soapbox”, How about not littering? Are my fellow citizens partly illiterate? – Or ignorant? For the first part, there are courses for reading and writing – enrol in one of them. For the second part, is it bad upbringing and thoughtless disrespect? Because somebody has to do the sorting of the cans, return the carts, or pickup the trash, if not you.

So, be kind to each other, and the Environment. Think the next time you go shopping, or return your cans or discard your coffee cups.

Somebody hs to do it.

Karin Grundt
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