My Cat, The Diva!

Every cat owner has a story about their kitty – books have been written about these furry critters… love them or hate them, each one is unique. Here is mine.

Contrary to all my other encounters with cats; critters that were lost, found abandoned, mistreated, abused, and some who never had a chance – my cat chose me 13 years ago. Like the ones left over the winter in a locked house with tins of opened cat food for self serve – and when the cans were emptied, licked to the bone, the adult cats ate the kittens who were born there. After that – the weak ones, until only one cat was barely alive.

When I found him, and he was so wild and disturbed… in the end, he had to be euthanized. It took me a long time to block that house of horror with all the skeletons and wall to wall feces out of my mind. lf you are interested in reading more about this story, it is called “Too Late” in my book My Life ln The Shadow Of The Goose.

So, with every ‘orphan’ that crossed my path after that I could find a home for, my heart and prayers for good, kind owners went with it.

But back to my kitty. For days could I observe a small, beautiful, long-haired calico scrounging under my bird feeder. She had a pink collar – consequently, she belonged to somebody. But my alert button went on when she came also on a very dreary, wet day looking not only hungry but bedraggled and lost. I scooped her up with the intention to find out where she came from. Maybe there is a phone number on her collar or maybe she is lost and I could find her home? But there was no number on that pitiful looking way-too-skinny, soaking wet cat.

The introduction of the little lady to my dog and other cats went smooth – no fuss, hissing, or tantrums. This skinny, wet bundle of fur must have been so hungry because she went straight to the kibble bowl and emptied it. After that, she inspected my place almost with an attitude: this is not bad, better than what I had before…

For the next few days I put the word out about my ‘find-ling’ on the radio, newspaper, asking neighbours, etc. – but no response. She snuggled her way right into the most warm and comfy places – and of course, into our hearts. But, did I need another cat?

She blossomed – cleaned herself constantly, and turned into a regal beauty with her silky long fur, white paws, and a plume of a tail. She knew she was beautiful… But, why was she eating so much? Did he have worms? Or is she p*******? That thought hit me like a ton of bricks! More unwanted kittens in this world. Now, it all made sense: she was kicked out of her home when the owner found out she was pregnant!

I put my emotions and feelings in the deepest corner of my heart and made an appointment with a vet for spaying and if she was, abortion. This decision goes against everything I am fighting for, but like I said, there are too many unwanted animals I had to deal with over the years and in this case common sense overruled emotions. (Besides, I had no intention to start a ‘cathouse’)

She came through surgery with difficulties and expenses. The vet estimated she was only a kitten and during her first heat, she got pregnant (cruel Mother Nature). But since then she is striving and the Queen of the household. l called her Molly, but her status is Diva!

My granddaughter Katie got a taste of it this summer when Molly appointed her as her ‘maid’. Not with words, of course, but with hypnotizing stares and an ‘Agh!’ more like a command, not a soft meow like other cats. ln cat language it means: “You are awake. Come and snuggle and massage me.” And it has to be the special blanket with the cat paw prints on it that she makes Katie put on her lap where she gets her beauty treatment until Katie’s arms or wrists go tired. lf possible, use the TV remote control or a wire brush to enhance the sensation of well-being.

Other cats purr, the Diva does not. She has an inaudible vibration, only when I touch her can I feel it – like a stalling car motor. She has never made an attempt to go out, sitting on a stool with a round soft pillow by the window where she curls like a donut and watches the birds and chipmunks feeding. She has not gained an ounce since l found her as a kitten, so she has maintained her girlish figure. Her movements are very graceful and divine. Especially when she touches you while sewing or reading with her white soft paw, saying “pet me, admire me, look how gorgeous I am” – | can only ignore her so long.

But when I sit on the couch, she jumps on the coffee table across and gives me that hypnotic stare and ‘Agh!’ until I place her blanket on my lap or better yet, lie down with it, whereupon she jumps into the curve of my body and melts with delight and stretches her agile body to the limit.

My old dog lays sometimes in the middle of the room and blocks ‘traffic’, but the Diva just jumps/flies over him. I have treats for her on top of the 8-foot bookshelf – no problem, she can jump on the chesterfield and up the shelf. By now she is an old lady, but she seems to be ageless.

I could go on and write about all her antics, the toys she hides, how she makes us do things for her just with her stare and her scratchy ‘Agh!’

Yes, she loses hair (for all you clean freaks), but I have a vacuum cleaner and a lint brush. lt is nothing in comparison to the joy she gives me with her nudging and the feel of her warm furry presence. My life would be empty without the living being in my house, especially now during the COVID-19 isolation.

There is a saying: “Dogs have owners, cats have servants.” How true it is in my case!

Karin Grundt
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