Face coverings required in Algoma District for businesses, transit, and organizations starting July 17

As of Friday, July 17, 2020, the public will be required to wear a face covering (i.e. non-medical mask) when entering the indoor premises of businesses, organizations and on public transit systems throughout the service area of Algoma Public Health (APH).

This will be achieved through public health instructions, which are being issued today to all persons responsible for a business or organization that is open. Businesses and organizations must adopt a policy that requires people to wear a mask or face covering in all enclosed public spaces. A sample policy has been provided.

APH’s Medical Officer of Health is issuing these instructions under the authority of the provincial Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) as part of ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“As the province continues to reopen, and as we continue to maintain corridors of essential travel between Algoma and other regions including southern Ontario and the US, we need to step up preventive measures in our public spaces, to keep workers and customers safe, and help business reopen safely, and stay open,” said Dr. Marlene Spruyt, Medical Officer of Health

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  1. Whose stupid idea is this? How about we stop people moving from infected areas to non-infected areas! I’m tired of the liberal mind set that it’s my job to protect my fellow man, guess what your fellow man has no want, need, or desire to protect you. Three days ago the line at ValuMart went to the polish hall, as I walked down it I said hi to three Wawa residents, 2 from Dubreuilville. I did not know any others. Now allowing for 25% of them as new residents, who were the rest? There lies the issue if one of them from wherever is infected, the town of Wawa would be decimated in about a week. I know, Wawa needs the tourism but at what cost? Just look at the GTA, those idiots can’t even stay away from each other at the beach, now it’s my job to deal with it? Just my $0.02 =$0.000002 after the next federal budget.

  2. It is interesting to me when it comes to a pandemic, that the response set by provincial and federal governments in terms of preventing infection and protecting the population is considered a “liberal mind set.” Go figure. I actually thought that the politicians were responding to the medical advice of their experts…of all political stripes.

    • Are you kidding? The issue of face masks has been discussed since the start of covid-19 with the general medical experts “Heath Canada “ telling us no you don’t need to self isolate, no you don’t need to wear face masks, no don’t cancel your march break plans……. if Dr. Tam or the Federal Government were in the private sector the share holders would have booted them Months ago for pure incompetence.

  3. Are they they same experts that were against mask a short while ago? Or the same experts that have no issue with BLM protests with people 6″ apart? I guess covid only spreads to people enjoying a day at the beach 🏖

  4. I read the comments from Murray to my 98 year old WWII veteran uncle ( wounded seriously three times) who was rightfully appalled that the notion of being asked to wear a mask to protect fellow citizens was seen as not only “liberal”, but stupid and in light of the sacrifices he and millions of Canadians made during a time of great threat to our country, for citizens and countrymen he did not know and he laid his life on the line for anyway, and he is disgusted.

    His message? Smarten up.

    You’re being told to wear a mask; not face thousands of heavily armed enemy soldiers trying to kill you 24/7 for six years. These brave men and women fought so that we should be so bloody lucky as to consider staying home and wearing a mask in public a so called violation of our rights. Laughable and nonsensical.

    Shut up. Wear a mask.

    • E. Jayne Griffith

      Bravo Franky! My 95 year old father, also WWII veteran, wounded twice, concurs with your 98 year old Uncle! Smarten up!

    • What’s “Laughable and nonsensical” is to require everyone to wear a mask in a district of 114,094 people . 25 people total have had it in this district all but a few recovered . That’s 0.02191175697232107% of the population . So the only thing laughable is the requirement to wear a mask 🤣 it’s not about safety it’s about compliance .

    • I’ll wear a mask like I’ve been told. I understand you Uncles and fathers sacrifice more than any of you. There sacrifices are what give me the right to complain about the stupidly of my fellow man and the utter incompetence of others. Thank them for their service from me, a fellow vet, one who luckily never had to go through what they did.