Wawa’s Heart of Gold during Covid-19

The precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have changed the face of our town and the way we live, but, it hasn’t changed the heart of gold that lives in many of Wawa’s residents. From Easter Eggs in windows for drive-by Easter Egg hunts, shopping for shut-ins, and leaving painted rocks with inspirational thoughts on doorsteps… The cares and concerns of a small town for fellow residents is amazing.


Wesdome and Alamos shared their wealth as a company and donated $5,000 each to the Wawa Community Food Bank. These donations will help many food insecure people and their families in these troubled times. The WCFB was also able to open last Friday because of an unexpected donation of perishable food from Harvest Algoma in Sault Ste. Marie.


The staff at Superior Children’s Centre; the Day Care, Garderie Francophone and Wawa EarlyON Child and Family Centre created a drive-by on Friday to visit the streets of town. They invited all their families and little friends to stand in their driveways or wave from windows. Organizers explained that the daycare had been closed since March 13 – “so we really miss children, some streets very quiet but lots waving it was fun!”


But the icing on the cake – a birthday cake was the drive-by birthday greetings for Albert Nicholas on his 99th Birthday! In the space of 24hours or maybe even a few less, Pam Clifford was able to organize the drive-by greeting that included OPP, fire truck, and 60+ vehicles. They all drove by the house tooting horns with gay balloons and signs. Nick and his family were thrilled by the efforts of the community to make this a very, very special day. Next year the rumor is that there will be fireworks for his 100th!