Superior East OPP – Snowmobile Safety

Winter is upon us and with that, comes the snowmobiling season. The Superior East Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to provide some safety reminders to members of the public seeking to enjoy this snowmobiling season.

For young people who have obtained a motorized snow vehicle operator’s licence (MSVOL), please be mindful of the following;

  • Those under 12 years old can drive a snowmobile on private property only
  • Those who are 12 years or older with a valid MSVOL may operate a motorized snow vehicle (MSV) on snowmobile trails only. Crossing roadways is also prohibited for those without a    valid Ontario driver’s licence.
  • Those who are 16 years or older with a valid Ontario driver’s licence may operate an MSV on snowmobile trails, across a road where permitted and on roadways where permitted.

For more experienced and fully licenced MSV operators, speed is often a factor in MSV collisions. Please adhere to the following speed limits;

  • 50 km/h on snowmobile trails
  • 50 km/h on roads where the speed limit is over 50 km/h
  • 20 km/h on roads where the speed limit is 50 km/h or less
  • 20 km/h in any public park or exhibition grounds

In addition to this, please check with your local municipality regarding snowmobile by-laws for roads within its boundaries. Some municipalities prohibit operation of MSVs on certain roadways within town limits.

For more information go to:

Ministry of Transportation: or

Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs: