Garbologist Report – ‘Wasn’t that a Party’ or ‘What a Job’?

May 17, 2017 @ 14:34



What a job that was! From Tim Hortons to the Michipicoten River Bridge – a skip and a jump actually from our little town… but what a mess! 35 bags of gross trash and 10 bags of plastics and beer cans galore.


I hear sometimes from friends, “What would our town look like if you did not do the clean-up every year?”. I can tell you from what I get told from people who travel to Sudbury via Sultan Road, Highway 144, it would be a horrible mess! More than 20 years ago on a wedding photo assignment in Toronto, when 144 was just opened, I traveled that stretch – and it was beautiful! Nature Pure! Now it is embarrassing, no more pristine wilderness.


The find of the Day? Two forty ouncers of Captain Morgan rum, a few beer bottles and cans in the bushy area on Pinewood Drive which we had just cleaned a few days before. And to top it off… literally, these boozers also left a souvenir beside it. Nice touch!


The good deed of the Day? As we three Garbologists stood in line at Subway, dirty, disheveled, frozen and peeved; a young man motioned to us that he would pay for our order of sandwiches… To the kind stranger, “Thank you!”.


At this point, I’d like to say “Thank You” to the people who can’t help but stop to praise our efforts and sometimes give a few bucks towards our expenses. It is very much appreciated, “Thank You!”


And to Mary and family at Hawk Air, a huge thank you for the humungous cheque. It makes me feel guilty to accept it, just in case we don’t get the Hawk Road done due to the weather, lack of helpers and some small health issues. I will hold on to it and treasure it, many thanks.

Last but not least, a salute to women power again. To Cindy, Hugettte, Holly, Audrey, Astrid and Dorothy, “you are the best – you made quite a difference.”.



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  1. Every year I am amazed that Karin and the volunteers continue to do this hard work. There is much risk involved in the type of things people throw away. They are definitely dealing with some hazardous waste. The hardest part to recognize is the fact that it takes such a SMALL effort to simply throw garbage where it is actually collected. It is another version of NIMBY. The majority of the people participating in this behaviour would not be likely to do the same on their own front lawns.