It must be so boring…

Karin Grundt writes in her most recent Garbologists report, “It must be so boring reading every week about the mess we volunteers pick up — and I will top it this time with the final results of our cleanup. We cleaned from Tim Hortons, past the Wawa Goose, Pinewood Drive, Jone’s Powersports to the entrance of the Mission (approx 7 kilometres). We hauled 52 stuffed bags of trash out of the ditches and shoulders, 4 large leaf bags of plastic bottles; 25o alcohol containers, 2 bags of pop cans.”

She went on saying “My thank you goes out for last weeks volunteers: Astrid, Audry, Cindy, Dorothy, Ron and Shirley. Not to forget — TransCanada Chrysler for the truck and Donald Davidson Fuels for the gas. Without all this, our surroundings would still look like a town who doesn’t care (a pigpen). A place where I, and many others would not like to live. I am proud of where I come from and was taught respect for others and the place we live in. I was also taught discipline, which is lacking in today’s society. My belief is, the way you present yourself is the way you are received. My mother always said, ‘You can be poor, but you must be clean.'”

She ended, “So, let’s follow some wise guidelines of life and stop littering.”

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