Garbologist’s Report – Butts!

In all my previous reports, I talked only about visible pieces of trash – and ignored the tiny annoying things. I am talking about the smokers, at least to the inconsiderate ones. The end result of your addiction is the BUTTAnd we see them plentiful all over.


It only takes a few minutes to get your ‘fix’ but it takes an eternity for it to disappear. Matter of fact: they don’t biodegrade and are dangerous when not ‘dead’ and a hazard to birds who mistake them for food. In all my years of clean up, I refused to bend down and pick up butts. Unless some numbskull emptied their ashtray and I could swoosh the whole pile into my bag. What are smokers thinking?


I had a friend, who was enjoying her addiction but carried a small metal case not bigger than a pack of cigarettes for her butts. One of my helpers brought his picker especially for butts with him and told me sadly but proud how many thousands of butts he picked up on Sandy Beach. Just take a walk and look where people congregate: Post Office, storefronts, Town Hall (especially on Court Days), Community Centre, Banks, etc. You will see butts by the hundreds.


If the butts are not cleaned up by conscientious people, they will eventually wash down some drain and the nicotine will pollute our drinking water. Not to mention, what the butts do to fish and wildlife. So, before you toss, be considerate. Not everybody likes your butts!



Karin Grundt

Karin Grundt
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