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The Staff and Board of the Wawa Public Library would like to thank everyone who participated in our 70th Anniversary events and for all the congratulatory messages and cards sent. The Literary Contest deadline was on June the 7th and all entries have been forwarded to the judges. We are hoping to have the results by the end of next week.

Thank you to Bruce and David and Evolugen/Brookfield for these awesome wobble chairs. The kids love them and gave it a score of 11 out of 10. They can twist, turn and rock back and forth. They are a great addition to the Interactive Game Table and strong enough for adults to sit on. Your generosity is so very much appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

The Wawa Public Library is very thankful for the many businesses and individuals that so generously support our very active and community minded library. We are truly thankful because these wonderful donations allow us to do more for this amazing community. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the library come on in and say hi and see what these donors have allowed us to do.

The Wawa Public Library’s staff and friends have been busy making adorable Pocket Hugs. The cost of a Pocket Hug is $2.00, and they are available at the Circulation Desk at the Wawa Public Library. Thank you for the yarn donations and for your support.

New Books on the 7- Day Shelf are “Toxic Prey” by John Sanford, “The Gathering” C.J. Tudor, “The Secret Lives of Booksellers and Librarians” by James Patterson and “A Game of Lies” by Clare Mackintosh! New in Audio Books is “The Fox Wife” by Yangsze Choo.

En Français, nous avons “Les certitudes vagabondes” par Valérie Chevalier.

The Staff PIck of the Week is “Before She Disappeared” by Lisa Gardner. From Goodreads:

Frankie Elkin is an average middle-aged woman, a recovering alcoholic with more regrets than belongings. But she spends her life doing what no one else will–searching for missing people the world has stopped looking for. When the police have given up, when the public no longer remembers, when the media has never paid attention, Frankie starts looking.

A new case brings her to Mattapan, a Boston neighborhood with a rough reputation. She is searching for Angelique Badeau, a Haitian teenager who vanished from her high school months earlier. Resistance from the Boston PD and the victim’s wary family tells Frankie she’s on her own–and she soon learns she’s asking questions someone doesn’t want answered. But Frankie will stop at nothing to discover the truth, even if it means the next person to go missing could be her.

New Movies on the shelf are “Dune Part 2” starring Austin Butler and Zendaya, “Sleeping Dogs” starring Russell Crowe and Karen Gillan, “Cyrano” starring Peter Dinklage and Haley Bennett and for the kids “Wish” Chris Pine and Ariana DeBose! Come on in and check it out!

There are just a couple of weeks left of the Afterschool Program and then it will be time for our Summer Program! Be sure to follow Wawa Public Library Summer Programs page on Facebook for all the information and updates!! For now, join us for the Afterschool Program with Jake, Tuesday- Friday from 3:30-4:30. If your child is new to the program, a registration form will need to be filled out. Parents of returning children will need to verify that there are no changes to current information. June’s Afterschool Program includes Story and Craft Club on Tuesday, Wednesday is Lego Club, Thursday is Clay Club and Friday is Game Club.

SENIOR’S CORNER: Any seniors interested in joining our Knitting Connections please drop by the library for more information. We are knitting for the Lady Dunn Health Centre Extended Care Unit. We are hoping to fill up the box with lovely lap blankets for all the residents!

If you are a senior who is unable to get out, the library offers a program Senior’s Shut-in Program. We will deliver library materials to patrons living in the Wawa area. For more information please call the library at 705-856-2244 ext 290 or 291!

We have a large selection of large print books and audio books for seniors and anyone else with sight issues.

The library has a puzzle mat! You are more than welcome to stop in and work on a puzzle! Puzzles are also available for all patrons to check out!

If you are just looking for a safe, warm place to go for social activity, the library is the place to go. We have very comfortable seating available in a lovely, active environment.


If you enjoy all things Pokemon, you have to check this out! Trainers can meet other trainers and add friends to their friends list, battle in a raid, take over gyms, battle other trainers and gain valuable XP that allows them to level up!

If you are interested in trading or battling your cards, join us! Trainers have access to free wifi. Come and join us at our next Pokemon Go Club on Saturday June 22nd, 2024 starting at 11:00am at the Wawa Public Library!

In Dungeons & Dragons, the players form an adventuring party who explore fantasy worlds together as they embark on epic quests. The collective creativity in your D&D game builds stories that you’ll tell again and again— ranging from the stuff of legend to absurd incidents that’ll make you laugh years later. Due to the popularity of the D&D Club we have split into adult and youth clubs.  The youth club meets on even Thursdays (June 20th) and the Adult group meet on odd Thursdays (June 27th). The youth group is for those aged 9 to 15 and adult group is for those aged 16 and up. The Clubs run from 4:30-6:30 on Thursdays. We hope you can join us!

Registration forms for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library can be filled out at the Wawa Public Library! This amazing program is coordinated by Cathy Cannon and sponsored by the Rotary Club of Wawa and provides free monthly books for children 0-5 years old! What a way to start building a library for your child and instilling the love of reading right from the start!

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