Between the Covers – October 26

New Books on the 7- Day Shelf this week are: “Traitors Gate” by Jeffrey Archer, “The Ghost Illusion” by Kat Martin, “Holly” by Stephen King, “Santa & Company” by Fern Michaels.

En Français, nous avons “Le Chateau des Secrets-Le Rêve Brisé” par Marie-Bernadette Dupuy.


Staff Pick of the Week: “Long Road to Mercy” by David Baldacci. From the book jacket)

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch a tiger by its toe.

It’s seared into Atlee Pine’s memory: the kidnapper’s chilling rhyme as he chose between six-year-old Atlee and her twin sister, Mercy. Mercy was taken. Atlee was spared.

She never saw Mercy again.

Three decades after that terrifying night, Atlee Pine works for the FBI. She’s the lone agent assigned to the Shattered Rock, Arizona resident agency, which is responsible for protecting the Grand Canyon.

So when one of the Grand Canyon’s mules is found stabbed to death at the bottom of the canyon-and its rider missing-Pine is called in to investigate. It soon seems clear the lost tourist had something more clandestine than sightseeing in mind. But just as Pine begins to put together clues pointing to a terrifying plot, she’s abruptly called off the case.

If she disobeys direct orders by continuing to search for the missing man, it will mean the end of her career. But unless Pine keeps working the case and discovers the truth, it could spell the very end of democracy in America as we know it…


The fun has begun!! Join us for the Afterschool Program with Jake, Tuesday- Friday from 3:30-4:30. If your child is new to the program, a registration form will need to be filled out. Parents of returning children will need to verify that there are no changes to current information. We will have stories and crafts and a lot of fun activities. Follow us on Facebook to see what’s happening at the library!

As this article is being written, we are wrapping up Ontario Public Library Week! See next week’s article for all the great people who helped make this a wonderful week and the library a great place to visit. More still to come next week as we highlight our new Decodable Books during the Mark It Read event! Come and discover out growing collection of Decodable Books for children with dyslexia. Also coming next week is Meet the Author Graham Elder as he talks about his new book and the inspiration behind them. Join us on Thursday, October 26th, and meet Graham Elder, the author!


If you enjoy all things Pokemon, you must check this out! Trainers can meet other trainers and add friends to their friends list, battle in a raid, take over gyms, battle other trainers and gain valuable XP that allows them to level up! If you are interested in trading or battling your cards, join us! Trainers have access to free Wi-Fi. Come and join us at our next Pokemon Go Club on Saturday November 18th starting at 11:00am at the Wawa Public Library!


SENIOR’S CORNER: Any seniors interested in joining our Knitting Connections please drop by the library for more information. We are knitting for Iris’ Place. We are hoping to fill up the box with hats, scarves and mitts and warm socks for the winter!

If you are a senior who is unable to get out, the library offers a program Senior’s Shut-in Program. We will deliver library materials to patrons living in the Wawa area. For more information please call the library at 705-856-2244 ext 290 or 291!

We have a large selection of large print books and audio books for seniors and anyone else with sight issues.

If seniors are just looking for a safe, warm place to go for social activity, the library is the place to go. We have very comfortable seating available in a lovely, active environment.


The Wawa Public Library is offering a reading help program for school aged children. If you are interested, please stop in and fill out a registration form. We have two lovely ladies who have successfully completed a vulnerable person check volunteering to make this program available.






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