Heat Wave Continues

Hot and humid conditions expected through Tuesday. Daytime high temperatures will be very atypical of early September, with highs reaching between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius. Overnight minimum temperatures tonight are expected to remain in the 16 to 18 degrees Celsius range.

The passage of a cold front will bring an end to the heat and humidity Tuesday night. Hot and humid air can also bring deteriorating air quality and can result in the Air Quality Health Index approaching the high risk category.

The risks are greater for young children, pregnant women, older adults, people with chronic illnesses and people working or exercising outdoors.

Watch for the effects of heat illness: swelling, rash, cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and the worsening of some health conditions.

Drink plenty of water even before you feel thirsty and stay in a cool place.

Check on older family, friends and neighbours. Make sure they are cool and drinking water Never leave people or pets inside a parked vehicle. Outdoor workers should take regularly scheduled breaks in a cool place.


Environment Canada