Between the Covers – March 8

In collaboration with The Wawa Family Health Team and Wawa Area Food Strategy, the Wawa Public Library will be starting a Seed Library! A Seed Swap will be held at the Wawa Public Library on Saturday March 11th, from 12pm until 2pm. There will be some experienced gardeners here for you to talk to and get tips from. We will have refreshments, and everyone will also have a chance to win a door prize! Get your green thumbs ready for the growing season and start by visiting the Wawa Public Library!


Join us for some fun March Break activities! All programs will begin at 1:00 p.m.

  • Tuesday – Storytime with the Fire Chief! Fire Chief Kevin Sabourin will be joining us to read a story. We will hopefully be able to take a quick trip to the Fire Hall and then back to the library for a craft!
  • Wednesday – Pokeball Beadcraft! We are getting the beads and string out and we are going to make a pokeball!
  • Thursday – Claytime: We are going to create a masterpiece using popsicle sticks and clay!
  • Friday – Slimetime: It’s St. Patrick’s Day and we are going to make some green slime!



New Books on the 7-Day Shelf this week are; “The Drift” by C.J.Tudor, “The Villa” by Rachel Hawkins, “Bad Cree” by Jessica Johns and “All the Dangerous Things’ by Stacy Willingham. En Français, nous avons “A Tout Jamais” par Colleen Hoover.


STAFF PICK OF THE WEEK is “Night School” by Lee Child. From the book jacket:

It’s 1996, and Reacher is still in the army. In the morning they give him a medal, and in the afternoon they send him back to school. That night he’s off the grid. Out of sight, out of mind.

Two other men are in the classroom—an FBI agent and a CIA analyst. Each is a first-rate operator, each is fresh off a big win, and each is wondering what the hell they are doing there.

Then they find out: A Jihadist sleeper cell in Hamburg, Germany, has received an unexpected visitor—a Saudi courier, seeking safe haven while waiting to rendezvous with persons unknown. A CIA asset, undercover inside the cell, has overheard the courier whisper a chilling message: “The American wants a hundred million dollars.”

For what? And who from? Reacher and his two new friends are told to find the American. Reacher recruits the best soldier he has ever worked with: Sergeant Frances Neagley. Their mission heats up in more ways than one, while always keeping their eyes on the prize: If they don’t get their man, the world will suffer an epic act of terrorism.

From Langley to Hamburg, Jalalabad to Kiev, Night School moves like a bullet through a treacherous landscape of double crosses, faked identities, and new and terrible enemies, as Reacher maneuvers inside the game and outside the law.


Weekly Events:

Join us, Tuesday – Friday starting at 3:30pm for Story and Craft Club, Clay Club, Chess Club and Game Club and we will mix it up every now and then and throw in a STEAM Club. For more info visit the library or check out our facebook page WPL Afterschool. Indie has a lot of very cool and fun activities planned so check out the Wawa Public Library Afterschool Program!

Join us every Wednesday morning at 10:00 am for Tot Time! The goal is to instill a love of reading and the library at early age. This is open for children 0-3! Our goal is to encourage literacy by reading and allowing children to explore the library, to build social skills with a little free play and to provide crafts that will build dexterity. Come on in and check it out!

Wednesday Adult Craft time: Join us on every Wednesday at 1:30 pm for some adult time! Every week we will prepare a fun craft for you to enjoy making. There is no charge to participate. Once a month, it will be a knitting club. Bring your talents and your energy and come and create something amazing. If anyone has craft items they are not using, donations are gratefully accepted.


Saturday Pokemon: If you love all things Pokemon, you have to check this out! Trainers can meet other trainers and add friends to their friends list, battle in a raid, take over gyms, battle other trainers and gain valuable XP that allows them to level up! If you are interested in trading or battling your cards, join us! Trainers have access to free wifi. Come and join us at our next Pokemon Go Club on Saturday, March 25th starting at 11:00 am at the Wawa Public Library!

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