From the Branch – September 29

We are getting close to the end of September, and October is looming. That means our poppy campaign will be here soon so let us get ready.

Our Poppy Committee Chair Larry Harvey has been able to get a location for our annual Remembrance Day Service at the Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre.

Our membership cards will be at the office so get yours NOW.

The lounge has now been open for a couple of days a week and Meat Draws, pull open and 50/50 tickets are available. Darts is back and well attended.

Hopefully soon there will be less restrictions and things will be back to normal.


After chewing out the cadets the drill sergeant said to one of them “If I die, you will be dancing on my grave I guess?”

He answered “No, sergeant I promised that when I leave the Army I will never more stand in line!”


To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes, you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.


Nick Veldt
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