Ford failing to fund First Nations back-to-school plans

Sol Mamakwa, (Kiiwetinoong)

NDP critic for Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, Sol Mamakwa, released the following statement calling on Doug Ford to provide needed funding for First Nations schools.


On Wednesday, the federal government announced funding amounting to just a fraction of what’s needed to get kids back in school safely, and prevent outbreaks of COVID-19 in First Nations schools:


“There is no more time to waste on the jurisdictional game of ping-pong being played with First Nations education.  The federal funding announcement fell far short of what First Nations in Ontario need to keep children at school safe. Education is a treaty obligation in Ontario and Doug Ford needs to stop this cruel game.


For several months, First Nations have been calling on Doug Ford for the funding and resources required to keep children safe at schools. He knows that First Nations communities need extra funding and support for their back-to-school plans and yet he has taken no action.


The funding available today for First Nations schools is completely inadequate and is compromising the start of the school year and the safety of students and staff.


Ford must move now to provide First Nations children with a safe start to the school year.”

Ontario NDP