Letter – Dragway in Wawa

Dear Brenda,
While Rody and his Council cancelled the Wawa Drag Races (COVID-19), it seems that the the Wawa Dragway is still ongoing.
The stretch of Churchill Avenue from Mission Road to the High School is an inviting stretch of road.  Cars, truck and ATV’s travel at excessive speeds endangering the lives of far too many.  Meanwhile nothing seems to be getting done about it.  Where is the Mayor and his Police Services Board on this matter?  It does not seem to be an issue for them, after-all they don’t live there.
On another note, the allowance of ATV’s has gone wild.  Now we have not just ATV’s, but mini bikes and trail bikes with children riding them at all times of the day and night.
Whatever happened to the speed device that the Mayor wanted for the streets.  It was purchased several years ago and it has never been used.  Nice use of taxpayers dollars!
Someone needs to wake up and fast!
A Concerned Citizen
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  1. I live between main street and magpie road same thing step on it from one stop sign to another no concern for others walking .happens mostly at night after 6pm.

  2. ATV’s are legal on the side of the road as long as it is insured, the rider has a license and the ownership for the ATV. It’s not just children riding machines around town, it’s adults as well. I’ve seen grown men drive up and down Queen’s Park Hill on their ATV’s, but yet that’s not an issue. I don’t see why everyone assumes children are riding machines around when in reality there is only a handful of people. As long as they aren’t driving recklessly I don’t see an issue. People need to calm down and let kids enjoy themselves, let them have fun.

  3. We live on a stretch of a municipal gravel road where ATV’s were allowed some years ago. We have seen it all, from a mother and father letting their seven year old and four year old on small machines drive on the road while they travelled behind in their side by side (we watched the little guy not stop before exiting a side road onto the busy main road) to a moron who was purposely spinning and creating ruts in front of residences to get a rise from the owners and neighbours. He nearly drove other ATV’s off the road. We have riders who veer off the road onto our cleared fields to spin around and drive through puddles. Calling the police serves no purpose as they are an hour away.

    The problem with ATV’s is that they are considered by too many as toys to provide thrills rather than a mode of transportation. On a beautiful local lake, hundreds of drivers consider their licence a right to wear down and destroy a magnificent sand bluff, which used to be covered in vegetation and tall pine trees, to access the mile long beach below and use it and the water for drag racing. They are an environmental hazard in the hands of too many irresponsible users.