Sault College Extends Withdrawal Period to Further Support First Year Students

Recognizing that the current situation surrounding COVID-19 has re-shaped post-secondary education for the upcoming fall semester, Sault College understands the importance of being flexible and providing options to further support its students during these unprecedented times. To complement this, Sault College is providing its full-time first year students with an extended opportunity to make an informed decision regarding their academic year by extending the withdrawal period with no financial or academic penalty until October 9, 2020.

This extension is available for the fall semester only and provides an opportunity for first year students to be immersed into their programming and make a decision that is best for them. “Beginning post-secondary education is a decision that can be life-changing, and we understand the complexity of this decision particularly given the current COVID-19 situation and the changes to the way we will be delivering programming in the fall semester,” said Dr. Ron Common, President, Sault College. “We are focused on helping our students succeed and providing them with the tools to do so is paramount. This extension for withdrawal is one more way we can support them in their decision to pursue post-secondary education,” he added.

Our priority is to keep our students and staff healthy and safe while balancing our mandate of delivering a quality education. In keeping with this, Sault College has announced that program delivery in the fall will be remote or a combination of remote and in-person. While the delivery method of programming may change, our programs continue to be held to the same quality standards and the curriculum and learning outcomes remain consistent with our commitment to our students.

“Our staff has and will continue to work hard to ensure all students receive an educational experience that is both engaging and innovative,” said Dr. Ron Common, President, Sault College. “To further reinforce this positive learning experience, our extensive student services will be accessible by all regardless of program delivery. This is our commitment to all students to help them to succeed and gain the most from their time at Sault College,” he added.

“We acknowledge and realize that our students have big questions about what the college experience will look like when they begin their studies in fall 2020. With the college decision to extend the withdrawal date to October 9 students will feel confident about enrolling in the fall knowing that they and their learning experience are important priorities. This decision is also a reflection of the confidence the College has in relation to the quality of education regardless of the mode of delivery,” said Ahmad Alkosani, President, Sault College Students’ Union.  “I’m very proud to be a part of Sault College and the Students’ Union. We’ve worked together and collaborated on many projects to support our students particularly during COVID-19. The College has really acknowledged student needs throughout these challenging times, and this initiative is one more example of that support, which will positively impact the experience of new students.”

Should students decide that the learning environment is not right for them at this time, they can withdraw as late as October 9, 2020 without academic or financial penalty. Students will receive a full refund, including their tuition fees and ancillary fees.

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