From the Branch – August 5

Yes, August is here and we all hope that even now you can enjoy a bit of summer. But be careful and do the right things to avoid COVID-19. Partying is nice but make sure you do it with only family or those you have in your bubble. As only one person can make a whole bunch of people sick and send Grandpa to heaven early. But life goes on at the Legion and I hope that next month things will start going with fundraisers etc.

I was thinking back to the summer of 1944, when I was hanging around during the day with my friend Eddie. We watched airplanes going over in formations to the east on bombing raids and remember the morning when two Typhoons bombed a ammunition train at the Zutphen railway station and the biggest fireworks I have ever seen started. The whole family laid for hours in the hallway as grenades flew overhead and further into the farm country. Later another Typhoon squadron took out a villa where the local Wehrmacht had their headquarters and only the basement was left.

Johnnie watched while his mother applied cream onto her face.

So he asked her why she did that and she said “ to make myself more beautiful”.

Later she removed the cream so Johnnie remarked… “ So you are giving up?”

To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well

Nick Veldt
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