In Wawa’s Backyard – June 25

My Backyard - July 5
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During this time of social/physical distancing teenagers are finding ways to fill time. Trynity goes for long walks in the bush and brings back a record of where we are; Wawa’s Backyard.

Sunsets are particularly glorious in the Wawa area. The last two nights were spectacular. Although it looks easy to photograph, sunsets are difficult. They appear out of nowhere – one minute it is clouded over, and then the setting sun peeks out of a sliver of open sky – blaring the last of its’ rays onto the bottom of the clouds, setting them afire with red, oranges and gold. Even the water reflected the colours in the sky creating a abstract canvass of blues, purple and reds. Sunset is fleeting, and sometimes you have only minutes to dash out the door after seeing that red emblazoned on the living room wall from the west facing window. Drop everything and go – capturing those few minutes to share.