There was a FIRE TRUCK at Sir James Dunn!


Wow, the Kindergarten class sure was excited when they saw the fire truck in the parking lot!

It didn’t take us long to climb inside and explore the buttons and levers.

We were very fortunate to have Mr. Gauthier, the Deputy Chief, otherwise known in our class as “Calvin’s Dad” come to show us the truck and tell us all about what a fire fighter does.

Mr. Gauthier brought all the gear that he needs to wear to a fire to protect himself and do his job safely. Knowing that when a call comes in the firefighters need to get ready as quick as they can we decided to time Mr. Gauthier while he put all of his gear on. It was unanamous, he is really FAST.

It was really interesting to learn about the air tanks and special helmet.

Thank you Mr. Gauthier for the storybook and the goodie bags with the Junior Fire Chief Hats!


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