Evolugen Donates to Wawa Fire Department


In early January, Evolugen (formerly Brookfield) made a generous donation to the Wawa Fire Department. The Michipicoten Volunteer Firefighters Association had applied for a donation from Evolugen in order to purchase a battery-powered telescopic rescue ram and training. This compact tool can be used to push apart sections of a crushed car; for example, a ram could be placed on the door frame and the ram extended to push the dashboard up, creating enough space to extricate the driver. In the video above you can see the ram expand.



Claude Samson and Bruce Welbourne on behalf of Evolugen made the presentation, stating that once a year, they bring together our business partners, our service providers and our employees in a fundraising event to support community organizations across Canada, and improve the lives of people in and around communities such as Wawa. By choosing to donate to the Michipicoten Volunteer Firefighters Association, we acknowledge the dedication and the significant contribution to the safety of our community by each volunteer; volunteers such as Dave Jennings and Pierre Gauthier, both employees of Evolugen. We are proud to support the Michipicoten Volunteer Firefighters Association and its commitment to emergency prevention and response for the benefit of all of us. Thank you for always being ready to help our families, friends, neighbors and fellow community members.



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