Ford’s corporate giveaway is an incentive to hide workplace injuries

Wayne Gates, Ontario NDP critic for Workplace Health and Safety, warned that Doug Ford is creating a dangerous financial incentive for employers to discourage injured workers from making claims.


The Ford Conservatives announced Friday that they’re pouring $140 million into rewarding employers that tout a good health and safety record —  a model that has proven to motivate employers to suppress worker injury claims. The announcement follows the Conservatives’ moves to cut employer contributions to WSIB, slash resources for prevention, and water down health and safety regulations.


“It’s simply wrong for Doug Ford to offer corporate giveaways with one hand and rip support away from injured workers with the other,” said Gates. “The Liberals let workers down by underfunding WSIB and allowing claims to be suppressed on their watch, and now Ford is taking things from bad to worse.”


Gates called on Ford Monday in question period to reverse his cuts to workplace health and safety programs.


“Ontario workers deserve so much better,” said Gates. “I am urging this government to invest more in workplace health and safety, not less.”

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