From the Branch – October 30

Soon it will be Halloween, and November and the Poppy Campaign is in full swing but we have still dome openings for distributing poppies at any of your favourite locations. Just contact Comrade Larry.

At our last Legion Meeting we had a young lady Anika Jozin who talked about theSilver medal she earned at the provincial track and field meets and she came 2nd in the long jump Congratulations. and she will also be at the Remembrance Day service so we all get to see and hear this athlete.

The work on the lift is progressing well and very soon NO MORE stairs for our seniors.

Comrade Dick Watson reported that the tickets for the Christmas Dinner with entertainment are going fast.

The 2020 Memberships are being renewed and our Membership Officer is very happy > so still be a early bird and renew NOW.

And here is another Moment of 75 years ago’

In November 1944 the American and Canadian soldiers were entertained in a pub in Nijmegen by no other than Josephine Baker a famous stripper/dancer who had moved to Paris France from New York. Yes, Nijmegen was a busy place at that time and there were Army vehicles parked everywhere.

This time little Kevin was bored at school so the teacher said ( Why don’t you draw a nice picture of a cow?)

A while later the teacher past by and saw the paper was still blank. So he asked( How come I don’t even see grass for the cow?)

Kevin said ( The COW ate it!)

(So were id the cow?) asked the teacher. So Kevin said (The cow does not hang around if there is no more grass!)

To all our Comrade sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in or thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.


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