Letter – Wawa has joined the throw away world

Dear Brenda,

For the third time in 10 days, I’ve heard this story

  1. There a rooster on the loose at SPG,
  2. There’s a rooster half-starved and on the loose out by the greenhouses
  3. I caught a starving rooster out by the dump can you take it.

So what gives Wawa?

You all get on the “organic is better” bandwagon. Order some day olds (chicks) then when you find out you got some none egg-laying boys in the mix, you toss them away to be eaten by the wolves or coyotes or worse, starve to death.

Not very ethical people.

Murray Davidson

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One comment

  1. 1. there is a bylaw in Wawa not allowing chickens in town.
    2. Roosters make noise, so they are a dead give away of who has chickens in Wawa.
    3. Roosters are not very tasty.
    4. What do you think chicken factories do with their males, if you really want to talk about being ethical…
    5. I’m pretty sure that chickens will not be the next invasive species here in the north.

    Editor’s Note: Young male roosters are routinely killed for their meat. That would have been the kinder thing than to abandon it to the bush to starve and be pursued by predators.