Garden River FN to Hold Ratification Vote to Resolve Western boundary in 1853 Survey Error

Chief Paul Syrette of the Garden River First Nation announced that the ratification process to resolve a lawsuit relating to the western boundary of the Garden River First Nation has begun.

“This is an important moment,” said Chief Syrette. “Garden River First Nation, the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada have taken the first step to right an historic wrong for a loss that is almost 170 years old. We are having the ratification on July 27, 2019 and are confident it will succeed and lead to a final settlement that will contribute to our economic and social development. We encourage all our members of voting age to cast their ballot in favour of this proposed settlement.”

There are three ways to vote: in-person, online and mail-in ballot.

Garden River First Nation has been engaged in an ongoing dialogue with Ontario and Canada representatives on the lawsuit since 2003. The goal of these discussions was to try to find the common ground that would enable the parties to resolve the lawsuit constructively and co-operatively. Canada, Ontario and Garden River First Nation have developed a good working relationship through this process.

Negotiators for the parties reached an agreement on what constitutes reasonable compensation for the losses to the First Nation as a result of the 1853 survey error.

The western boundary of its First Nation, established under the Robinson-Huron Treaty, was surveyed incorrectly. Certain lands adjacent and to the west of that boundary should have been included within the First Nation at the time of the survey. And certain lands within the First Nation, along its western boundary as originally surveyed, should not have been removed on the basis that they also formed part of a mining location (the “Clarke Location” subsequently the Rankin Location).

The total acreage amounts to approximately 1,700 acres. The current ownership of those lands is not in question and is not at issue in this lawsuit.

The settlement of this lawsuit will open up new opportunities for economic development for Garden River that will bring long-term benefits to its Membership and will also generate positive economic spin-offs for neighbouring communities.

The Garden River First Nation has approximately 2,200 members and is located east Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

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