Dr. Park says ‘Pair your Fitness with Tech’

With our successful participation in the Community Better Challenge and the For the Health of It wellness challenge coming to an end, I remind everyone about the wonderful benefits of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. While fluctuating motivation may be a significant hurdle for many of us, consider incorporating technology tools such as lifestyle apps to enrich the outdoors experience to help you reach your goals.


The following are apps I have used and continue to use personally.


Sweatcoin and Lifecoin

These two apps use your native step tracker along with their proprietary algorithm to tally your steps taken outdoors in return for an in-app currency that can be exchanged for merchandises such as gift cards, small electronics, and even an iPhone! The daily rewards are quite small, however.  But this is a testament that small effort each day will add up to big rewards.  Personally, I am gunning for the iPhone!

Small note, I do not recommend making any in-app purchases using real currency, as you can unlock all the benefits using the free features.


AR gaming such as Pokemon GO

Augmented Reality (AR) is hailed as the next major evolution in mobile technology and Pokemon GO, while past its most popular days, is one of the first games to incorporate AR technology.  Essentially the game overlays real-town maps into the game with the purpose of the user exploring the outdoors to accomplish specific objectives.  As you probably witnessed, this is me staring awkwardly at my phone while walking down the street!


Job Spotter

This app relies on the user to take photographs of jobs signs at local retail establishments in exchange for Amazon gift card.  This is a fun social activity for the whole family by working together to spot new signs, especially when visiting new towns.  This app is by far the most lucrative apps in terms of rewards.  A short walk hunting for those elusive Pokemon on the streets of Toronto netted about $15!


One final word, healthy living should be an enjoyable and enriching experience regardless of what you are doing.  With new apps released every day, leveraging the use of technology is a great way to enhance that user experience.

So get out there, get walking, and start have fun!

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  1. Now we need tech to encourage us to be active!!! I had a Fitbit for a few months. Then I gave it to my sister. While it provided a fairly accurate estimate of our activity most of the time, we both fund that gardening added thousands of steps because we were moving our arm back and forth, weeding and watering. We both realized that we were not achieving 30,000 steps a day. So much for tech gadgets. I prefer to know at the end of a day, that I am tired and a little achy because I activated my body to do something beneficial for the planet or my family or neighbours. Kudos to Karen Grundt and her crew. All that bending and stretching and fresh air all to make Wawa a more beautiful place. Now that is worthwhile exercise. May you all live to be one hundred.