Rotary’s Polio Plus Bake Sale – A Wonderful Success!



The Rotary Club of Wawa had a very successful bake sale yesterday. Rotarian Liz Talian-Clarke explained that there were “Lots of wonderful baked goods and the support from the Wawa Goose Club was amazing! They had their members bring in baked goods and they donated the proceeds of their sale to the Rotary Club’s Polio Plus fundraiser! We are so grateful and thankful for their wonderful support. Also a big Thank you to our Rotarians, spouses and partners for all the work and donated goods we received to make this day successful!”

$572.75 from the sale of baked goods and $58.41 from the cake raffle that was won by Jennifer Gatz made for a total of $631.15. This will be matched by the Canadian Rotary Foundation to turn into $1,262.30 and then when that is sent to Rotary International with the matching grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of 2 to 1, this will turn into $ 3,786.60.

This will provide over 1,800 children with the much needed immunization to prevent Polio in their world. To put this into perspective, this would immunize all the children in Wawa.

Liz said, “Thank you to each and every person who made this bake sale such a phenomenal success! Great news today is that Nigeria had it’s last case of Polio virus back in August 2016! If they do not have any cases from now until August of 2019, then that country will be validated as Polio Free. Afghanistan and Pakistan have a total of 20 cases between the two of them reported so far this year. We are so very close to wiping out this horrendous disease from the world! Let’s keep working and helping to raise the funds necessary to finally wipe our world free of Polio. What a wonderful world it will be!