Statement from Premier Ford, Premier Couillard, and Premier Pallister on Non-Point of Entry Border Crossers

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Québec Premier Philippe Couillard and Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister released the following statement today at the summer meeting of the Council of the Federation:

“Québec, Ontario, and Manitoba agree that Canada has a proud tradition of welcoming immigrants who are an integral part of our economy.

The three Premiers discussed the increase of individuals crossing the border outside of regular points of entry, and called on the federal government and its respective agencies to review current policies and allocate the necessary resources to ensure the security of Canada’s borders as part of a comprehensive, long-term plan.

They called on the federal government to fully compensate each of the provinces for impacts to services resulting from the increase in non-point of entry border crossings, and called on the federal government to make the necessary investments to ensure the timely adjudication of refugee claimant hearings.”