Ontario PCs will be a strong voice for the North: Ford

Mar 16, 2018 @ 16:40

This morning, in his first call with Northern media since becoming Ontario PC Leader, Doug Ford reiterated his commitment to being a strong voice for the North.

“There is nowhere I love visiting more than the North. But under Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals, the North has been ignored,” said Ford. “Families in Northern Ontario are ready for change, and the Ontario PCs are going to be the ones to bring it.”

In his remarks Ford touched on making the North open for business, building roads to the Ring of Fire, and addressing hospital overcrowding and wait times.

“I have always stood up for the little guy, and today, I want the little guy to know there’s hope,” said Ford. “The Ontario PC Party is strong and united, with one goal in mind – sending the Wynne Liberals packing.”

“My message today is clear: Northern Ontario can count on the Ontario PCs,” said Ford. “Under a PC government, Northern Ontario will have a strong voice. The region will have a say in every decision made at Queen’s Park.”

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  1. Wawa Leaders need to ask Mr. Ford if he is prepared to reverse his own party’s decision of 1999 to steal power dam taxation from municipalities and thereby steal what now amounts to almost two million dollars a year from Wawa alone. If he is such a supporter of the “little guys”, he should also defend the “little communities” suffering from this theft of income.