From the Branch – March 7

Mar 7, 2018 @ 08:18

Now that we are into March my memories go back to 1945 and the last month under occupation. At night it was hard to sleep as the V1 launching pads were just a few kilometers from or village of Warnsveld. Every time one of these flying bombs came over we laid listening to the stuttering engine and prayed that it would not stop till over our area.

But just before our liberation one hit the windmill and destroyed a row of houses killing a few and wounding several. And I was one of the first to see a real rocket blast off when the V2 was also launched from North of us and we were amazed of the speed and altitude it reached. Not till the 1960 when NASA started.

Branch 429 membership meeting will be this Thursday March 8th. At 7.00 pm.

Last Saturday March 3rd. Comrades Albert Nicholas and Branch President Mary Anne Pearson were presented 2 cheques for Donations to the Lift for the Legion Campaign.
The first cheque in the amount of $1850.00was the proceeds from the Wawa Emergency Services Charity Hockey Game on January 26th. And the second for $2000.00 was a donation from the Michipicoten Volunteer Firemen’s Association’
The members of Branch 429, the Executives and Ladies Auxiliary Thank everyone for their very generous support of our project.

This lady was very upset with her boozing hubby and figured out a way to scare him onto the straight path.
So she got a devil’s costume and one evening his behind a tree close to home and when he came stumbeling past her she screamed at the top of her voice
“If you keep drinking like this you will be coming to hell !!” So the drunken husband said.. “Who are YOU?” and the answer was “ I am Satan the DEVIL!!”
So he said “That is nice and come home with me because I am married to your SISTER!!”

To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we widh you well.


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