From the Branch – November 15

Nov 15, 2017 @ 08:15

Yes, the wind was cold and the snow came down but a contingent of Veterans, Legion Members, Firemen and Police marched to the Cenotaph on November 11th and wreaths were laid. Then they marched to MHS and a nice ceremony was held and some more wreaths were placed by the small cenotaph. Our faithful piper piped the march and also during the ceremony. Our Poppy Chairman and past President was the MC and did a nice job as he usually does.

I was very proud to have my Grandson Sergeant Bill Veldt lay a wreath and even spoke impromptu about his life in the armed forces and his experience when serving in the Sinai desert with troops from many countries. Yes, it was nice and made me think back to 1945 when I met my first Canadian soldier and now I am the father and grandfather of retired and still serving CAF members. So this makes me feel good!

On behalf of the Branch we like to thank all those businesses and Wawa citizens who supported our Poppy Campaign and made donations to our cause to help all veterans and dependants OLD or YOUNG as we have many of our young men and woman still serving at home and all over the world.

We thank our Ladies Auxiliary for their support and donations to the Branch and those who volunteered to distribute poppies at our many locations.

At the luncheon our own Comrade Joan Page was acclaimed Legionnaire of the year and she really deserves this with the many jobs she handles at the Branch.

We also thank our local radio personalities for the support over the airwaves for our poppy campaign and during the year.

And don’t forget to be ready when the tickets for the Xmas dinner dance go on sale.

This private walks into the Colonel’s office and tells him…” I want to be a GENERAL.”

So the colonel replied… ARE YOU NUTS!!”

So the young soldier asks….”Is this really necessary?”

To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes, you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.