Who’s more Northern?

The Northern NDP MPPs apparently led by Mike Mantha, have  finally made their statement a week after Lou Rinaldi’s comment of calling the North “No Man’s Land”. One would think that these Northern MPPs would of defended the territory that they are supposed to love and represent by condemning  Mr. Rinaldi’s statement, but no Mike and his gang attack  fellow Northern MPP ,Vic Fedeli over his declaration about the North being “rock(s) and swamp(s)”.

Although both statements paint an unfair picture of the North , it does sum up how  most southerners feel about the North and demonstrates how Queens Park gets away with their subpar investments and funding to Northern Ontario. Trevor Holliday states” When you have a Premier who allows one of her caucus members to make a slur against a people, a culture and a way of life with no signs of an apology if just shows this government’s disrespect for us.”

This disrespect is also shown from the Northern MPPs who are paid to represent us at Queens’ Park , you have Mr. Fedeli trying to pass a private member’s bill to create cell phone lanes when you don’t have rest and truck stops in most areas of Northern Ontario , let alone wide enough shoulders for tired travelers to pull off on. You have Mr. Mantha, publically stating he would rather vote for a GTA caucus member rather than a fellow northerner in his party’s federal leadership race. Nor did any of the Northern MPPs throw their support behind the Sault ‘s Amazon bid or the Smooth Rock Fall’s land initiative.

The Northern Ontario Party since its revival last year has been fighting for the North on a daily basis. We collected hundreds of pounds of food for the local food banks in North Bay, Timiskaming shores, and Sault Ste.Marie.We stood shoulder to shoulder with River Valley Park residents when the Algoma Public Health unit was threatening to kick them out of their homes. We protested the hydro rates and continue to listen to all concerns of citizens that live across Northern Ontario. The Northern Ontario Party also have publicly thank communities who have shown innovated ways to improve the North and we have publicly demanded that projects like the Ring of Fire get started immediately.

Trevor Holliday states “ It doesn’t matter what happens in the next election , the Northern Ontario Party is here to stay and fight for all northerners no matter how big the fight is or who it is with. The North need strong leaders  who are willing to fight tooth and nail to bring  Northern Ontario back to prosperity. The North can no longer afford  representatives who will tow the southern party lines and continue the cycle of underfunding and poverty for our Northern Residents. It’s time for a change and we believe the NOP is this change

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