End of an Era – Shift Change for Our Goose



Mayor Ron Rody who was present for the removal of the Goose.

After 50+ years of standing guard at the entrance of Wawa, and overlooking the Magpie Valley, The Wawa Goose as sculpted by Dick Vanderklift has come down. It only took a few moments once the wings were removed, and legs cut for the goose to be lifted down. The people who were there were of mixed feelings, sad to see their guardian go, but excited for the new goose to take over.


The original Goose was sculpted by Dick Vanderklift in a shop in Sault Ste. Marie. The winner of a contest, the Goose was created from steel from Algoma Steel (and ore from Algoma Ore Division, Wawa), painted by hand, and trucked by flatbed to Wawa. It replaced the very first Wawa Goose commissioned Al Turcott, and sculpted by Franz Koci.

The Goose was intended to draw people into Wawa, and it has succeeded far beyond it’s original goal. The Wawa Goose is known not only in the province of Ontario, but throughout the world becoming a favourite stop for selfie’s, family pics, tour group shots…

My thanks to Karin Grundt and Pamela Sabourin for taking the time to capture these historic images for Wawa-news.com.


  1. Louise Haman-Pineault

    It’s sad to see this beautiful monument taken down. Looking forward to the new one.

  2. Thank you Ms. Grundt for the beautiful pictures!
    I was so sad that I couldn’t attend this spectacular event, but your photos really displayed every moment so clearly, as if I was there!!
    Can’t wait to get to Wawa soon!

  3. One of my memorable moments on arriving in Wawa was to be introduced to the Goose. I was visiting,Jack
    and Helen Campbell, Helen had been a pen pal for many years and this trip gave me the opportunity to not only renew my friendship but to see the Wawa and the wonderfull area Helen and family lived in. My visit was just before the snows arrived and the temperature was dropping I have never been so cold in my life.
    Back to the monument,why was this bird there ??? Lovely explanation given re the geese leaving the lake
    and the sound they made. From my many travels Seeing the Goose and Wawa stick vividly in my mind.
    Delighted to see the emblem of Wawa being given an uplift last visit 1982