NW Region OPP – Body Cams being Implemented

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Northwest Region (NWR) is implementing body-worn cameras across all detachment areas as part of a provincial technology enhancement program.

In a phased approach that is currently underway and will be complete this fall, officers across NWR are being equipped with body-worn cameras (BWCs). Body-worn cameras provide police with the best possible evidence at a call for service as opposed to relying on third-party video sources such as bystander videos or static security cameras. They are an investment in the OPP’s commitment to delivering accountable and transparent policing services, are a compliment to our existing in-car camera systems and can be used to clarify engagements between an officer and a member of the public in addition to providing evidence in court.

Officers will turn on the BWC prior to arriving at a call for service, during all aspects of public interactions with police, and when they start investigating an incident/individual in order to foster public trust, confidence, and police accountability. The BWC will be turned off when the call for service, public interaction, or investigation is complete.

The implementation of BWCs in NWR follows those already completed by East Region OPP, as well as many other municipal and Indigenous services. The OPP has conducted a comprehensive review of policies and procedures developed by our partner police agencies as it relates to the use and privacy impacts of BWCs. Procedures have been created to address potential privacy concerns and to ensure the security of the video once it has been recorded.

The OPP supports the implementation and use of any tools or technologies that enable collecting better evidence, demonstrates greater accountability and transparency, and enhances public and officer safety in the communities we serve.


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