NDP MP Charlie Angus calls out Liberal government on homeless crisis in Northern Ontario

NDP MP Charlie Angus (Timmins – James Bay) is calling on the Liberals to explain their cuts in homeless funding for Northern Ontario. Angus delivered a statement in Parliament asking why the government is telling municipalities to get set for dramatic cuts in the Reaching Home program. At the same time, Budget 2024 is bragging about more investments for homelessness.

“What’s going on here? The minister needs to understand that Canada’s housing crisis doesn’t just stop at Ottawa,” said Angus. “Communities like Timmins and Sudbury are stretched to the breaking point. If these cuts go ahead, people will be left in the streets.”

Angus emphasized that Cochrane district was told their funding was being cut by more than half, Sault Ste. Marie’s is planned to be cut by 60 per cent, Sudbury and Nipissing are looking at a 70 per cent cut in funding. Efforts by social service agencies to get answers have been stonewalled by the Liberals.

“Fixing our housing crisis should be priority number one, and it’s a shame that our housing minister would even consider walking back funding to municipalities that need it. Worse yet, he has been dodging responding to these municipalities when they’ve reached out,” said Angus. “This is just another example of the Liberals not following through on their promises and ignoring northern communities, but real people will be forced out of their homes as a result of this decision.

“With these cuts and the refusal to speak with the Canadians that will be impacted by them, the Liberals are bringing the same attitude of contempt towards municipalities as shown by Pierre Poilievre. We need a government that is willing to work with the north to get us through this homeless crisis.”

Ontario NDP